The Quaich Podcast

Episode 2: Flippin' Hell...

June 29, 2020 Ross, Micky and Neill Season 1 Episode 2
The Quaich Podcast
Episode 2: Flippin' Hell...
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The Quaich is a new podcast from three whisky obsessed friends living in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

Episode 2 sees Ross, Micky and Neill introduce whisky 101 and discuss Auctions and German Supermarkets whilst tasting drams from Westland, Mackmyra and Clynelish.

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Response from Glasgow Distillery Company
Introduction of the Drams
Topic 1 - Aldi/Lidl Whisky (Supermarkets)
Topic 2 - Auctions and Flippers
Whisky 101- A brief introduction to Scotch
Discussion of the Drams
Easter Egg